We Bring The World To You

GPS is a Bahamian based purchasing and cargo logistics company, striving to provide businesses in the Bahamas, a cost effective way to import goods.

Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

We are raising funds to fly in or ship donated items and purchase needed essentials for the affected areas.

G.P.S. Bahamas is an air freight, brokerage and purchasing company, providing businesses and individuals in The Bahamas with a convenient and economical way to import goods from the United States.

Over 18 Years in Business

G.P.S. has been a fully licensed company since 2000 with our headquarters in Freeport. We have a very efficient staff on hand, facilitating the movement of cargo from your distributor all the way to your front door.

Offices in Florida, Grand Bahama, and Abaco

Along with our main office in  Freeport, G.P.S. has a large aircraft hangar and office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At this location, we accept the customer’s shipments, process the parcels, and provide air freight to the final destination.  We currently have regular service to Freeport and Marsh Harbour.  We also provide service to other islands through our extensive network upon request.

Air Charters By Request

G.P.S. can provide assistance to charter aircraft to various destinations for cargo or passengers. We have access to various aircraft to meet our customer’s demands.

Full Service Shipping Company

Offering numerous flights during the week, expedited customs clearance, brokerage, purchasing and delivery of parcels, G.P.S. is a complete company for your shipping needs.